The Process of Relaunching My Blog

When I took a break from blogging I didn’t tell anyone. I just stopped. I wasn’t passionate about it as I was when I first started. Creating content felt like a chore instead something that I loved doing. Months went by and I still didn’t miss blogging. Initially, I thought my hiatus from blogging would last a couple of months, but it turned into two years.

After I graduated from college I started struggling with whether or not I wanted to start blogging again. Often times I would browse back through my site and I knew that couldn’t just stop blogging all together. However, I was dealing with a lot personally, so I knew that I need to give those things my undivided attention. I decided that it was best to put relaunching my blog on the back-burner. Basically, I felt that the timing wasn’t right.

A few months later I was talking to my cousins in our group chat one day and I mentioned that I was going to relaunch my blog. After that conversation one cousin in particular began to help me with the process of relaunching. More so as an accountability partner. She checked on me asking things such as when was the relaunch date, how was creating content coming along, and things of that nature.

“You just have to step out and be okay with not being perfect…” — Those were the exact words that she told me. We had SEVERAL conversations last year about me relaunching my blog. I was still focused on why the timing wasn’t right. I was scared because I wanted everything to be perfect when I started blogging again. I was standing in my own way and allowing fear to hold me back. I got to work on relaunching my blog, once I kicked fear to the curb and the idea of the timing not being perfect.

I’m so grateful for my cousin, because she constantly STAYED on my behind during the entire process! More importantly, she held me accountable for not letting fear hinder me from conquering my goals.

Side note: If your circle isn’t making you level up, calling you out when you’re slacking, or encouraging you during your journey, then you need to let them go! You need people around that are going to expect nothing but excellence from you! That doesn’t mean that they will expect you to be perfect, but to consistently go after your goals and dreams!

Sometimes life has a way of directing you back to your purpose! I knew that I couldn’t quit blogging, but I was allowing fear to hold me back. Don’t let fear keep you from conquering your goals! It’s okay to take a step back and refocus, but don’t quit. The process of accomplishing goals is never going to be easy nor perfect, but it will always be worth it. The timing might not ever be perfect, but all you have to do is start. Don’t let being perfect prevent you from releasing your gifts to the world. You have to be willing and brave enough to start. Take things one day at a time and everything will come together. Step out and be okay with not being perfect.

Photography by: Crystal Williams

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  1. MaRae I love you Side Note “If your circle isn’t making you level up, calling you out when you’re slacking, or encouraging you during your journey, then you need to let them go!”

    You are so right, striving for excellence does not mean you are perfect.

    Keep pressing my Journalist!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that it resonated with you. I hope that you continue to be great as well!