It’s My 25th Birthday!

I can’t believe that I’m twenty five today! I’m truly grateful and blessed to see another year.

For months I was so nervous about turning twenty five. I was dreading it. I know that sounds terrible, because turning a year older is a blessing that everyone is not granted. However, I’m not going to lie and act like I was excited, because that definitely was not the case. I was a disappointed, because I thought I would be flourishing in my career, graduated with my Masters degree, and along with other things that I had planned.

I began to get excited about my birthday once I kicked the feeling of disappointment to the curb. Our thoughts are things that we tell ourselves along with feelings that we have during those moments. Feelings are not facts. Feelings are temporary not forever. I had to get out of my feelings!

Chilleeeee. God snatched my edges and gathered me all the way together. He reminded me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. He challenged me to re-position my thoughts. I had to affirm that I would receive everything that He has promised me.

I’ve made plans as to how I want to execute and successfully complete my goals, but I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself in the process. I’m learning to give myself grace as I’m transitioning in a new season of my life. I understand that everything is not going to go as planned and I’m okay with that. I’ve learned the importance of being present and in the moment during my journey, because I know that I can never get time back. I’m not obsessing over everything going as planned nor focusing on what is next. It doesn’t mean that I’m not planning for what’s to come, but I’m enjoying and watching my destiny unfold.

Let peace reign in your life. Affirm good things! Good things attract us when we have a positive mindset. If you think positive then good things will attract you. Focus on what is good and let God handle the rest.

So, I am very grateful and excited about turning twenty five!

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