How to Purposefully Use Planners

Listen, in order the slay your year and actually get things done you must be organized! The key to staying organized is to be consistent and plan things out. Planning properly and writing my tasks down not only makes my life easier, but I’m also not left feeling overwhelmed and in shambles.

I use three planners for different specific reasons. Each planner differentiates between: personal, blogging, and a mini personal one. I tried using one planner for everything that I had going on numerous times, but it became too much for me. I had things written all over the place and it caused me more anxiety than actually getting things done.

On Sunday evenings I spend at least an hour writing down my tasks and planning for the week in my planners.


  • Having a planner solely for blogging purposes has been such a lifesaver! I’ve been able to effectively plan content, get tasks done, and overall become a better blogger. At the beginning of each month I create a list of content ideas in the goals section of my planner. Afterwards, I choose three topics for each week of the month and write out in detail how to execute them. I use Sundays as my content planning day to get prepared for whatever I’m working on the upcoming week. Creating this process for myself made the relaunching of my blog so much easier!


  • I have two personal planners! One is notebook-sized that I always keep at home unless I am carrying a tote bag. The other is a mini-sized one that I keep in my purse with me at all times.
  • In the notebook-sized planner I write everything out in detail such as appointments, payday, bills, goals for savings money, to-do lists, and many more things. No matter how big or small my tasks are I make sure that they are written down.
  • In the mini-sized planner it’s an overview of what I written down in the notebook-size one, but not as in depth. It’s perfect for being on the go! I never take it out of my purse!

Hopefully my tips on utilizing planners for different reasons helps you! Even if you decide that using one planner works best for you, just do whatever it takes to stay organized and get things done! Staying organized helps the process of accomplishing various things a lot easier. Choose to get and stay organized!

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