Hair Refreshers: Curls Lavish Moisturizer and Carols Daughter Hair Milk

A few months ago I was browsing in Target not really looking for anything in particular! Of course you never go in Target looking for anything, but you always end up purchasing something! Anyways, I checked out the hair-care aisles when I came across these two products. They were on clearance for really good prices, so I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I had used other products by Curls and Carol’s Daughter just not these particular ones.

I initially decided to purchase these products because I noticed that both of them were hair refreshers, which I absolutely love for my hair. They are leave-in moisturizers in liquid form. Although I’m a fan of cream based leave-in moisturizers, but sometimes I like something a little lighter to put in my hair. These work perfectly plus they are very lightweight!

Curls – Lavish Curls Moisturizer (2nd Curl Refresher/Daily Leave In):

  • I love using this on wet and dry hair! I always use it after my hair is freshly washed. This product helps my hair adsorb moisture perfectly!
  • It smells amazing!
  • It is formulated with certified organic ingredients.
  • No sulfates, silicones, parabens, artificial oils, or fragrances.

Carols Daughter – Hair Milk Refresher Spray:

  • I prefer using this on wet hair only! I put oil in my hair after it’s freshly washed then apply this. It makes my curls pop! Plus, I don’t have to apply a cream based moisturizer afterwards if I don’t want to when I style my hair.
  • It doesn’t have a distinct scent. That is definitely a plus if you prefer products that don’t have a strong fragrance.
  • Deeply moisturizes, improves softness, and prevents frizz.

So, if you’re looking for a really good liquid leave-in refresher these are definitely worth a try! Both of them are under $12! Very budget friendly and affordable. Please let me know if you purchase either of them. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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The Perfect Slicked Back Bun

I’m faithful to wearing my hair in a slicked back bun whenever I need a quick and easy hairstyle! I only like doing this style on stretched or blown out hair, because it makes the process so much easier. I prefer wearing a middle part when I wear this style rather than a side part. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, because it is super chic and stylish! It takes less than 10 minutes to do this style!

I always use the same products to achieve this look and my hair always comes out great! All of the products are very affordable and can be found just about anywhere.


  • I split my hair down the middle to section it off, then I spray it with a little bit of water to detangle it. Your hair must be detangled very well in order for it to slick down smoothly. I prefer doing this style on somewhat damp hair, because it makes the products hold better.
  • I work on one section at a time instead of applying the products all over my head, because my hair slicks down better that way.
  • I then apply Garnier’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream, because it helps with frizz and humidity. Using this product first is a must!
  • I apply Gorilla Snot Gel to slick down my edges and the front of my hair. A little bit goes a long way! Seriously, you don’t need a lot of it.
  • I apply a good handful of Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel to the entire section of my hair, except for the ends of my hair. I seal them with oil and a little more of the leave-in cream.
  • I use a Brush Strokes Two-Sided Bristle Brush to smooth and lay my hair down. I prefer using the firm side because it smooths the hair down better.
  • I put that section in a small ponytail by securing it with a¬†Scunci No Damage Hair Tie.
  • I repeat those same steps on the other section.
  • Once both sections are secured in ponytails I then apply another hair tie to form one ponytail.
  • I then apply the faux ponytail around my real hair, which I made using¬† Motown Tress (Nubian Twist Braid) hair.
  • I then put the faux ponytail in a in a big twist.
  • After that I begin wrapping the faux ponytail around to form it into a bun, while securing it with bobby pins.
  • I then use my favorite LottaBody silk scarf to tie my hair down to make sure that it lays down perfectly. I keep the scarf on for at least 15 minutes.

I know it’s a lot of steps but explaining it takes longer than the actual process! I promise this style takes less than 10 minutes to do!

My hair always feels super soft and not hard nor flaky. To maintain this style, at night I tie it down using the LottaBody silk scarf and putting a bonnet on top. My hair usually lasts up to a week and I never have to reapply more products.

Products used:

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