Welcome to The Always Fabulous!


Hi, there! I’m MaRae!

Welcome to The Always Fabulous! Not only is today the official relaunching of my blog, but it is also my birthday! I chose to reveal my blog today, because it represents a new chapter beginning in my life! 24 is off to such an amazing start!

I’m so happy to be blogging again! I’ve been working so hard preparing for this moment! It’s FINALLY here! I’m so excited to share everything that I’ve been working on!

Some of you may remember when I first started blogging! If you’re curious you can check out my old site here! However, I took a break from blogging for a little while, but life has a way of redirecting you to your purpose! The journey of relaunching wasn’t easy, but overall I’m grateful for everything that I endured to get to this moment! I’ll be sharing about the process of relaunching my blog tomorrow, so stay tuned for that post.

The Always Fabulous is a glimpse into my imperfect, yet FABULOUS lifestyle. I always wanted to start a blog and after being hounded by my friends I created The Always Fabulous in November 2013. I took a short break to focus on graduating and getting a job, typical twenty something “fun,” but I’m back with even more to say! Here I’ll share my passion for style (I have a knack for finding ridiculous deals) and beauty. I’ll also sneak in some of my other loves, like travel, food, and reading. I hope you will join me for the adventure!

Again, welcome to The Always Fabulous!

Photography by: Crystal Williams

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