My Favorite Foundations

As someone who wears makeup quite often, I use five foundations that are my go to holy grail products! I rarely stray away from them because they work best for me! That doesn’t mean that I don’t try new foundations though. However, when you find foundations that not only match you perfectly, but work great for your skin type it’s like hitting the lottery!

I have oily skin, which makes it hard finding foundations that work for me sometimes. So, when I find a good foundation that doesn’t leave me looking like you can fry a piece of chicken off my forehead at the end of the day it, makes me so happy! I’m sure if you have oily skin then you can totally relate to what to what I’m saying! Out of these five foundations three of them are matte and the others are not, but they still work great for me.

I think the prices of these foundations are very affordable, but I’m also a fan of finding products that fit within your budget. They can be purchased from drugstores, Sephora, ULTA, or MAC. The prices vary depending on where you purchase them from.

My top five foundations:

L’Oreal – Infalliable Pro-Matte (112 – Cocoa):

  • I’ve been using this foundation faithfully for two years! I wear it throughout the year and I’ve never had any problems with it. I swear by this foundation! When you first apply it might look a little orange, but it oxidizes a couple of minutes after you blend it in. I’d choose this foundation over any high-end brand any day!

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear (430 – Neutral):

  • Listen, when I first tried this foundation I was shook! It matched me perfectly and it didn’t even look like I had makeup on! I absolutely love this foundation! It’s so bomb! If you haven’t tried it yet go ahead and purchase it! It’s worth every penny. Rihanna was not playing any games when she created this makeup line! She created a  wide range of shades for women of all skin tones and I really loved that. If you’re curious about my initial thoughts on it you can watch it here!

Maybelline – Fit Me Matte + Poreless (355 – Coconut):

  • This is one of my favorite drugstore foundations! I’ve been wearing it faithfully for over four years! This is one of the main foundations that I wore throughout college. If Maybelline ever discontinued this line I’d have a fit! It’s the best!

NYX – Total Control Drop (TCD19 – Mocha):

  • This foundation is perfect! It’s very light weight but gives you total coverage. This shade is a little too dark for me, but the shade before it was too light. However, I make it work by mixing it with one of the foundations that I’ve listed and it works great!

MAC – Studio Fix Fliud (NC50):

  • I’m sure many of you have heard about or worn this foundation! I started wearing it my freshman year of college and I’ve been faithful to it ever since. This is one of my favorite matte foundations because it isn’t drying. I especially love it because it has an SPF 15 in it! — So important!

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